Super 8 Cricket

Super 8 Cricket is a pilot programme aiming to embed fun, relaxed, soft-ball disability cricket in club settings. It is backed by the England and Wales Cricket Board.

There are 4 participating clubs in Oxfordshire: at Didcot, Minster Lovell, Horspath and Bicester.

  • Fun, soft ball cricket sessions for people with varying levels of disability.
  • Including-Learning Disabilities, Autism/Asperger’s, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health Conditions, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment and Learning Difficulties.
  • Run in club settings across Berks, Bucks and Oxon.
  • Aim to provide an environment where people are able to engage in physical activity in a relaxed environment where fun is the main aim.
  • A chance for people to get to know others.
  • Open age sessions.
  • Participants can attend on their own or with support. We actively encourage those supporting to participate in the sessions.
  • Each Super 8 Centre will be supported by the ECB to accommodate the varying needs of each individual.
  • Each Super 8 Centre will be provided with a set amount of Super 8 T-Shirts that they can give out to participants.
  • Some Super 8 centres will be running at the same time as other club sessions. The aim of this is to boost social inclusion and increase awareness of disabilities.
  • Cricket is a social, team sport but there are always opportunities for participants to engage on a more solitary, individual level.
  • The sessions are FREE!

Website address:

Contact Name: Richard Giles (Head of Oxfordshire Disability Cricket)

Phone: 07482 577424

Email: [email protected]

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