Push Your Limits UK Coaching

Push Your Limits UK Coaching is a Coaching Service for people with learning disabilities and Autism and Aspergers in Oxfordshire. It provides a service for people to excel at their goals including finding work or even starting their own business.

The service involves the following:

  1. One to One Coaching with myself
  2. Workshops (including becoming more confident and other life skills)
  3. Social Enterprise Scheme – whereby people run their own business, the money that is made goes back into their own business.
  4. Work Experience and Trials – working with companies to give people a chance to experience the work the person wants to do.

Please note that the person will need to bring their own support if needed.

Website: www.pylukcoaching.com

Contact Name: Michelle Townsend

Phone Number: 07725320016

Email: info@pylukcoaching.com

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