About our Community

Our community has come together thanks to the efforts of a group of people who want to ensure that people with learning disabilities, people with autism, children with special educational needs and people with related disabilities in Oxfordshire get the best support and opportunities available. The group has been supported by Jan Sunman from the Oxfordshire Family Support Network and Neil Morris from Together 4 Change.

The formation of the community and the initial stages of its life are being researched as part of Neil’s PhD studies at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the University of York. Information about the research can be found here.

We aim to be a neutral space where people supporting people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire can come together to support each other, to exchange knowledge, experience and information, to highlight and discuss the issues that concern us, and to be a friendly place to meet online.

In keeping with the aim to be a neutral place, the LDOX.org community is independent, and run by the people involved with the online community. It is though supported by Together 4 Change, who provide the hosting for the website and community and provide technical support.

If you would like to make contact or volunteer to help the community, please use our contact form which can be found here.